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Carefully Crafted Timber

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30 gadi

Established by the Kokinu un Teivānu family 30 years ago, Teiko remains a Latvia owned, family business with a purpose - to craft timbers with lasting beauty that are safe for people and the environment.

Founder and managing director, Aivars Kokins says he is “grateful to think back to Teiko beginnings in a humble office, to what it has grown to today, now spanning markets across the globe - in Germany, China, UK, Europe.

It is encouraging to know that Teiko creates products that appeal to customers in these markets who want to be part of durable, safe timber with lasting beauty.

We are only just beginning on our journey, expect more from Teiko in the future!

With exciting plans and projects ahead of us, it is fair to say our 2021. year has been a challenging year, but one that has driven us to improve the way we do things, so we can serve our customers better.

We are celebrating the milestone with the Teiko team!

Thanks for being part of our journey this far and hope to see you with us over the next 30!

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